Richard thinks that:

-  He always wanted to let other Hams know a little more about himself and his works around radio.

- This site will be a static document to be update from time to time with relevant news or major experiments.

- He already owns a dynamic space on the web, a blog, where he reports any kind of activity around Ham radio in which he is involved in. The Blog is update few times per month also with DX news which keep the "space" always alive.

- Need to find a way to make this site also in Italian and the blog in English .



So under those circumstances his mind on Ham radio is :


"Ham radio is "passion" and like other passions takes time and efforts but the results to come will make you improve in whatever part of this hobby are you involved. I started from the scratch with no electronic knowledge but step after step the experience has come and now I have the goal of several projects".


furthermore he says:


"Radio is freedom and friendship. As an OM, you will feel like being part of a great family free of any prejudice and with a big heart."


Richard isn't any experienced HAM, even if he is playing around those stuffs since less than 20 years, but his effort to become it will make him study for many years to come. He hopes :-)